About Kabul Medical University

    About Kabul Medical University

Institution: Kabul Medical University (KMU)

Address: Jamal Mina

Contact: 0202500327

Email Address: info@kmu.edu.af

Website: www.kmu.edu.af

Established: in 1932 (1311 Hijri)

Teaching Language : Dari

First enrollment of students: 1932 (1311)

First graduates: 1939 (1317)

Brief history of KMU:

  • As the first Higher Educational Institution was established in 1932 (1311) at the level of faculty, initially.
  • In 1981, as a governmental institute, it was nominated under the name of Great Afghan Medical Scholar, Abu Ali Ibn-e-Sina, which was comprised of three faculties as: Curative Medical, Pediatrics and Stomatology.
  • In 2005, by completion of requirements and standards, was upgraded to the university.
  • In 2006, Nursing Faculty was established within the structure of KMU.
  • Due to the social requirements, the Faculty of Public Health was established in 2010.
  • The Faculty of Health Allied Sciences was established in 2012 according to the urgent needs for the training of medical technicians, which is comprised of two Departments-Anesthesia and Medical Technology.